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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2005 at 10:37am
Current mood: sleepy!
Music: best of queen
so, NY was an amazing time, the perfect break i needed from everything, i left ohio telling myself i would think everything through and come up with a super amazing solution...instead, i blocked the entire situation from my brain and had an amazing weekend, and when i got back, the situation didnt seem nearly as relevant as it did before...well, whatever works haha

i felt so incredibly spoiled when i got home...i got to spend the 4th of july in i have for the past 8 years or last year...but by being in NY i normally miss it here, but not this year...i got NY and OH, it was lovely, and i felt so incredibly happy that night

life has been pretty routine lately, i wake up, lay aroun, go to work, go to the gym, go out...end of story...i cant wait until fall though, maybe it'll liven things up a bit

last sunday, we partied at daniels...i remembered most of the night...but i wish i would forget haha, im not very cute at a time like that...ugh, we'll wait awhile before i drink that much again...2 shots and 7

i got my hair cut...i have bangy things now...getting used to it, but everyone seems to like it, so whatever works i guess, its just hair

living in bowling green until wednesday...its been great, i like this living on my own thing..i could so do this

kayln and sara came over and we watched a sex in the city was awesome...such a good night...ive been oddly happy lately, like nothing can touch me right now

brian ryan hess and i went bowling some time last much fun!! im actually not as bad of a bowler as i used to be...kayln joined us for the last game, and sara came to watch :)

the other day i spent all with megan, i was her 4H motivator, i kept her sane...i love megan lots, im really going to miss her next year...i just like it how in the first5 minutes of our gathering, i can tell her whats bothering me, and she can do the same, and then its done with...we come to an understanding and its good, then we go on with our lives...expect lots of cinci visits next year..i'll start saving gas money now haha

i think thats about it..
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