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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2005 at 12:57am
Hey everyone, well as you know i'm moved to Tennessee now, and i'm likin it but i have no friends and so i'm kinda waitin for school to start, which is aug 8th, so yeah, and I miss everyone a lot, i've cried 4 times in the 3 weeks we've been there, its really friggen hard esp cuz i miss my sister so much, god this is hard, but i have my room all nice and settled how i want it, and a lot has happened but its to much, i will say we go to this pool and the lifegaurd there is friggen hott! he is a senior at my school, woot go me, haha, had a taco bell guy hit on me that was a lil weird but he was a pimp he was smackin other girls azz and kissin others it was funny, but yeah anyways i will ttyl later, i wont be able to update often we wont have the internet, and i know i'm up here now but i'm only here for a whole day, so sorry if i cant see you my main priority is my lil sister, i really wanna see all of you but i cant, I LOVE YOU, if yall wanna call me *haha there goes the accent already, jk!* my number is (423)-949-9443 call me!
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