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killjoy (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2005 at 4:04pm
Music: Gorrillas-feel good inc.
Subject: Doot doot doot
I love this song. Toaster is playing with the mouse on the computer screen, he keeps chasing after it hehe. stupid cat. Awe but I love you don't look sad like that. =) I had to be the stupid salad girl at work last night. grr. I worked my ass off. From now on, im going to be nice to the salad people in the back, its hard work. Ordering chinese food tonight, woot. Crab rangoon! So I have like....4 days until I leave for the keys! yippee!
<3 Felicia

The hour! The hour! upon the hour!
The munkee spits and thickets cower,
And what has become of the Old Man's power
But tears and trepidation?

The hour! The hour! upon the hour!
Mothers' mad and the milk's gone sour,
But yesterday I found a flower
That sang Annunciation

And when the Hours become Day,
And all the Days have passed away,
Weill we not see-yes, you and me-
How sweet and bright the light will be
That comes of our creation?
-CB (song of the Totemix)
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