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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2005 at 1:44am
Current mood: content
Music: [The Killers ... All These Things That I've Done]
Subject: Well Hello My Friends! LOL.

What's going on??? I jus got off the phone. Something really good just happened, if you want details...ask! But yeah, um. Me and Sarah went to the mall yesterday at like 3...uh, pretty much just shopped around til Joe got there then he took us to Pizza Hut. After we ate we came back to the mall and waited for Cor to get off work and we were gonna go to Banana Joe's but things didn't work out as planned so we went to Pullman Square and watched Dark Water. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. LoL...if that tells ya anything at all. Corey drove and I was a little scared at first cause he's a new driver and all but he is very good, and he listens to my rules ((even though it's his car)) haha. He respects me...which rocks my socks. LmBo, i'm such a nerd. Something also happened last night that I was a little worried about but now, since the good thing happened I don't really give a damn. Again, if you wanna know what the deal is there, ASK! LoL. But anyway, after all that business...we came back to the mall to get the vehicles cause Corey had to be home cause it was like and me, Sarah & Joe went to Taco Bell to eat, then Wendy's. Some dude in Wendy's like hates Joe...and well, this will LATER explain a Hang in there. Yeah, I know I am extremely confusing, but oh well. That's me. I spent the night with Sarah last night. We were up til like 4am being retards, like usual. HA. Then, we got up at 12 today and got ready and went down to the mall at about 3. We ate, met Joe & then Sarah had to get a few things. She had to go into work at 4, so I hung out with John for about a half-hour then Corey came down and we talked for a few then I had to go to work. Pretty boring, and I was mildly upset and just felt like crying. Benji visited me, made the day a bit brighter. Then I got off at 9:15 which is extremely early for DQ...but we were on the ball! So I went down to the golf place to wait for Sarah...and Corey, Cory & Napier were there too...they talked to me while I was waiting on Sarah. Then we decided to go to Wendy's well, here goes my 'Joe beef' story. Well, this dude has beef with Joe for God only knows why, and he works there. Well, he knows who me and Sarah are because Joe was with us last night in her car. So, tonight he recognized me and Sarah and was saying to his co-workers 'Should I spit in this?!' and crap. two, and Corey went down to Arby's after that to talk to Joe...we were there for awhile cause he was cleaning, well why we're waiting, this man drives by, and there's a little girl hangin out the windown flipping us off and the man sticks his head out the window and says 'Tell Joe to leave my f*cking son alone!' lmao...well, Corey called Joe and told him about it and he came out SWINGIN. Then he went up to Wendy's and had a few choice words. It was pretty funny....added some excitment to the night. Muahahaha. I loved it. Then I came home...haha. Mom and Dad were on the net forever, looking for directions and all that crap so, I didn't get to talk to Corey til about 12:30...I tell you what i'm falling for that boy, bad he is so awesome. He's crazy, sweet...ahhh. I dunno. Yeah, some stuff has bothered me but i'm gonna get over it. After the conversation we had tonite, i'm thinking positive is gonna least I HOPE so. I like him an awful lot. I need this.
You know what's freaky? I was just sittin here thinking to myself, I wanna see something about Green Day and I turned to VH1 and 'Driven' was on. I press info and it said Green Day. That is so weird. I ♥ Bille Joe so much. I heard You & Me 4 times today. That song is following me...I swear. HaHa.
I'm leaving for Kings Island at 8am in the morning. I'm kinda excited...but i'm gonna miss Corey a lot more than what I thought. He hugged me like a million times tonight and was like 'I'm gonna miss you, and call you lots' I felt all sadly and fuzzy at the same time. LoL. I'm glad to be spending time with Bobbi Jane though. Cause I miss her (not the person she is around others) so much. We will see =]
If I can i'm gonna go to the mall when I get back Saturday and pick up my check so I can get it cashed, and go shopping maybe Sunday before I go into work. I guess we will just see. LoL. Well I think i'm gonna go, I have typed WAY more than I had planned! I'll update when I get back from 'vacation' lol.

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