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highlyevolved (profile) wrote,
on 7-22-2005 at 11:49am
I caved and bought an iPod mini yesterday. But that's not the purpose of today's post! Today is finally going to be the Spain Summer 2005 post. Hopefully I can remember it all.

July 8th, 2005 8:00 pm EST
I'm about one hour into my flight to London-Gatwick. I've already misplaced my pen, so I'm borrowing Megan's. The airplane is by far the largest I've been on, a British Airways's 777. It's been pretty easy flying so far. This trip seems to be going well.
July 11th, 2005
It's hard to believe it's been three days since we left, but Saturday and Sunday merged into one day. We arrived at Gatwick at 2:00 AM EST and 7:00 am London time. Our time in Gatwick was very brief, I only was able to walk by the stores. I saw a Harrods, bookstore, and numerous cosmetics counters. Our connection flight to Madrid wasn't nearly as nice as our flight from Atlanta to London. The plane was very run down, and much more cramped. The flight also occured in the worst part of my jet-lag, so Megan and I went a bit crazy. We ended up drawing a face on our on-board snack sandwich and christened it Sammy. While in-flight we passed over parts of France and a couple small islands. As we came upon Spain, I was surprised by how desert like it was. Soon we landed in Madrid. The airport there was odd to say the least. It was a greenish-aqua color with blinking lights all over the place. Waiting to get our passports also took a very long time. After claiming our baggage, we were able to meet our tour guide, Emma. Emma is 25 and from Scotland, which means she's a bajillion times cooler than I'll ever be. Emma got us two cabs and we sped off (literally, we were going around 100 mph, or 160 km/hr) to downtown Madrid. I was very busy looking out of my window, trying to take in as much of Spain as I could. It was a shock to see signs in Spanish only, to see the difference in the land and the way things are built. Soon enough, we were in the Madrid I'd seen on my TV screen. The beauty of the city is overwhelming. We checked into our hotel, Hotel Moderno, and Emma took us on a brief walking tour of the city. Our hotel room, #401, was very small compared to American rooms;however, it was very pretty and comfortable. We visited the Museo de Jamón and the Plaza Mayor. The twisting, narrow streets in Madrid differ strongly of those in America, not to mention the incredibly small cars.

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