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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 7-24-2005 at 8:41pm
Subject: Progress Report
I chuckled when I saw Zyferus made money off NAAJS. I mean it was worth a shot, and that's awesome. :P

I was disheartened when I learned that, once again, Salius had combined Ela with LL, but I decided to stay regardless and see how it goes, again. This time with a lot less hope and wishful thinking. I also decided to switch to Newbieland and put Charlton on hold -- this way I'll get one area done faster because another creator is working on it with me. So far I've redone half of the Newbieland's ice cavern descriptions. I had plans to finish them yesterday or earlier today but I wasn't in the mood. :| What an excuse.

Got work in the morning so I don't know when I'll next touch up the ice caverns.
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