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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2005 at 1:26am
Music: Fall Out Boy- Sugar, We're going down, and The Killers- All the thing I've done
Subject: We are all searching for inspiration, like it or not
OK this is my new favorite song even though i have liked it for a while now.
I have been thinking for the past few days that inspiration is missing, not just in my eyes, but in everyone's life. You know its not love that is missing, or hope, or fear that is missing. It is inspiration. now that inspiration could be love or friendship or hope, or the 20 other million feelings we have in our hearts, or at least in mine. No i haven't figured anything out. i just realized that we all put blame in why our lives suck and why we are unhappy with what we have, but how many of us have something to work for. What is driving us? if you don't have an absolute love in your life, weather it is a person, a hobby, a sport, or an art , nothing is truly driving us to have fulfillment in our oh so very short lives. So what am i trying to say. I guess i am trying to figure that out as i randomly type all this rambling. It just comes down to wanting something, bitching about it till you get it, being temporarily happy, then when it leaves b/c your hopeless since of perfection is completely destroyed, Your true and i mean TRUE happiness can never be fulfilled forever b/c you are a feeble minded human that is never entirely satisfied until the next big thing comes along. That you will never get what you need, not what you want. Take everything and everyone person that enters an exist your life as a tool. (Even if they are a Tool) that these people no matter hoe insignificant they might be in the big scheme of you life. You are connected to the for a reason. That someone my exude a spark of inspiration. That spark that makes a difference between yes and no. That spark that puts you on the right path. So yes we blame this things that go wrong in our lives on how God or you personal higher being Hates you! but we need to blame it on lack of want in out lives. We all have heard we live for love. That love is happiness. but how is love anything with out the inspiration or want or yearning to drive that powerful feeling. How can you be passionate about anything without being inspired to want it. How do we find this inspiration? I can't answer that or I would have insiparation in my life now. I wouldn't be sitting here at 2 am writing about needing inspiration.
I need it more than anything, not to be happy but to feel and be alive. So Yes, We are all looking and searching for inspiration, weather we like it or not. The only thing I can say is look in the unlikely, small places, get low and look high, reflect and breathe, you might find it, I will try this along with you.
* OK I am done and if you read all of that God Bless you and if you think i am insane...i think you are amazing!
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