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phoenixnaito (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2005 at 7:04am
I was dragged away from Eric...again. :( I haven't been able to see him for months. He got pissed off at my mother because she didn't let me stay long enough to talk to him or even get a hug. (He's big on hugs.)
Tony and I are making arrangements for him to stay for a few days. He claims I won't make it to 17 being a virgin...ha! I'll die a virgin, thank you. But, in any situation, I'll be glad to see him.
Although now he wants me to move to Louisiana with him. His mother has a house there left to her from her mother. It's being rented out now, but Tony said he's going to arrange with his mother so he could move in.

It's storming...sort of.
I sharpened my nails and scratched the hell out of my face last night.
I am ill, bleeding, back to having really strange and disturbing dreams. Apparently I talk in my sleep. Last night I said "Don't say a word" and "I wish I could stay..." Don't ask me why I said it, I just did.
I shall be going off again on my never ending job hunt. It seems the only thing I could even begin to qualify for is the Babylon (Strip club) and that, my dear readers, simply won't be happening. I do have some self respect, thank you.

Other than that, I don't count for much.
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