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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2005 at 5:11pm
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo maine was fucking awesome :-) it makes me never want to come home to shitty natick ever again cuz its 50 million times betterrrrrrrrrrr ahh it was great jimmi had his own cabin so me dana and jimmi slept there lol jimmi got his own damn room lol and me and dana had to sleep on the damn pullout couch with a whole in the bottom lol but it was fun i went swimming in sebago lake "laid" on the docks stared at the stars wished ona shooting star.. roasted marshmellows n made smores.. drank some arbor mist with nancy and had girly conversations while paul was dressing dana with knives and guns to be a pirate lol i relaxed and just had a well needed stress relieving vacation away from natick.. "you are now ever maine: the way life should be"


everyday is sadly the same
im waking up empty im feeling insane
your arms are around me but its like your not there
cuz you dont even love me, no you dont even care

if i turned to you and told you id stay
would you take me with you when you ran away?
when you left the life you hated here
when your done with the bad news the drugs and the beer

sip me baby itll all go away
ill kiss your sweet lips and then maybe youll stay
[i just wanna be your drug
cuz there goes another day..]

the time is wasted here in this town
try and speed up but you end up slowing down
you never said what you really wanted
silence speaks louder and its still haunting me

will you ever miss me will you need my touch
when your hands on the stick shift and your foots on the clutch
when your speeding away spewing sand in my eyes
will it hurt you to hold me as we say our goodbyes?


i, i just wanna be your drug
something you could rely on
i, i just wanna be your drug
something you need
but my days are wasted
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