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polishpimping (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2005 at 4:59pm
Music: Weezer
Subject: Perfect Situation
Once Again I have found myself in song...

"What's the deal with my brain?
Why am I so obviously insane?
In a perfect situation
I let love down the drain.
There's the pitch, slow and straight.
All I have to do is swing
and I'm the hero, but I'm the zero.

Hungry nights, once again
Now it's getting unbelievable.
'Cause I could not have it better,
But I just can't get no play
From the girls, all around
As they search the night for someone to hold onto.
I just pass through..."

Seriously though... my life is going great... I only wish I had as much luck as I have oportunities for happiness... I've been bating about 100 this past month...

(by the way I'm skipping the third verse because it cuts a little close...)

"Tell me there's a logic out there.
Leading me to better prepare
For the day that something really special might come.
Tell me there's some hope for me.
I don't wanna be lonely
For the rest of my days on the earth."
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