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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2005 at 12:48am
Current mood: tired
Subject: Shopping Spree! LOL!

Soooo yeah. Uhh, me and mom went to the mall today at like...3. I spent about $120 of my check. I got Jeans and perfume in AE, Jeans, a track jacket and a shirt in Aero, two pairs of flip-flops in Old Navy and a Green Day poster in Wal-Mart...uhuhuhuh! It's hot. LOL. I had the Lifehouse CD, I carried it around with me for like a half-hour then I decided to put it back. I'm gonna to to work early tomorrow and buy Green Day's newest CD instead. They didn't have it at Wal-Mart. BLAH.
Umm...Sarah wants me to go to the Eleanor pool with her tomorrow morning/afternoon, but I have to be back by 2:30. I have to work every flippin day this week except for Friday. That sucks...But at least I have the 5-9 shift all week =] Friday is the only day this week that Sarah DOES work. Ughhh...anyway, Sunday we might all go out and do sumthin. Corey came to the mall for like an hour today to talk to me...heh, he's a dork. Pretty much came there talked to me for about 5 minutes then went and talked to Sansom, came back down to DQ, walked me to my car and then he left. his heart. Muahaha. I wrote a song about him last night. It's quite lovely...I dunno if i'll ever let him see it. He read me like three of his songs last night but they were all depressing...he said the only ones he really has now are about his uncle dying and his ex-girlfriend. And the only happy one is the one he wrote about me...he won't let me read I don't know why...? Uh yeah, I don't even know Amara (his ex) and I hate her. So i've heard from like 5 different people, she's a psycho biotch. Oh well. She's Well i'm outta here y'all.

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