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bleedingheart (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2005 at 11:26pm
Current mood: shaky
Music: a wilhelm scream - brand new me, same shitty you
Subject: catch me. i'm a wreck who let my conscience down

what does this mean?

i really dont want to go through your shit again.
i dont know.

it's been breathing fucking heavy for a long fucking time now
and it's lost its fucking will to survive.
and what's so sick, so wrong that you don't want to believe
that such a massacre is capable of coming from me?
catch me if you can but don't fall for what you've found.
you don't feel sorrow, but I'm already there, because tonight I've taken nothing but insults
you ignore my resolve while my conscience clings to life.
but i stomped the heart out of it, hoping that it dies.
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