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derrangeddemon666 (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2005 at 1:34pm
Subject: update
Been a long time since I have wrote in here.

Well lost my patience with pattoe a few weeks ago and tried to blow up the house, been evicted so I am staying with frog at the moment but hopefully that wont be much longer as once the electrical work is completed on my new flat I should get the keys straight away and hopefully that will be monday. Seeing a councillor now and recently she has been very impressed with my progress as when i fist went there I was drinking stupid amounts and was seriously ill in the head. The councillor has been great as she is someone I can talk to to get all these things off my chest without letting it build up and come out in the form of violence like it used to. Patti (my little Birdie) has been great supporting me and helping me through my problems, still a lil dissapointed that she isn't english but hopefully she will be here with me soon enough.
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