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neverending (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-1996 at 12:25am
Current mood: amused
Music: black eyed peas.pump
Subject: You never fail to amaze me...
Please jay explain to me what ''flinging shit'' means.I honestly dodnt understand it. I didnt say i was perfect by the way, in fact it wasnt mentioned. I didnt do a thing to you -emotionallly you cause trauma for yourself. im not the only one with that opinion by the way.You and sam huh? beautiful.... noone could see that coming...i dont really have a problem with either of you. You are nuetral to me - neither friend or enemy. Sam was/is nice but obviously certain circumstancing took its toll on and i were better friends. we were to alike in the wrong place and too diiferent in the same places. anyawys enough wasting my time...
neilee and i are going canoeing up north tommorow. It will be fun.I havent been in forever.We ran out of work today... kinda sucks but i mightdo sorting to earn extra mula. Oh yeah kate neilee's going to borrow Harry Potter if that is allright.
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