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misskriss516 (profile) wrote,
on 7-31-2005 at 5:37pm
Music: MTV...duh.!
Subject: tipsy off this bacarDi
--YESTERDAY: Ok, I totally suck penis at updating this thing regularly, whoops.! So...Miss Britt had a little mini party at her place last night. And, P.S. WE LOVE OUR MAMMA PRICE!! I definitely was beyond gone, considering the fact I WED brittany and guido. Yes, I was the preacher and rachel was my co-preacher and Mamma Price was the witness! Now, all thats left for them to do is make some cute BABIES! But yeah, Britt and I were beer pong partners, so that probably explains the state I was in by the end of the night. And yeah, team RachelGuido just crushed everyone else. All in all the night was A-okay. I loved spending time with my girls from junior high, because we were all so close and then just started to drift apart as highschool went on. It was just like old times-- me tricia rach and britt. And we SOO need to do that more often. HINT HINT ROOMIE OF MINE THAT I LOOOOOOOVEESS SO MUCH! Brooke Mia and Kara were there too and I just love those girls. They crack me up so bad. So, it was a fun night and not even a hangover this morning. Sweetness! Too bad my back was killing me because I'm pretty sure I slept ON the wall last night. Yikes.! I'd write more, but I'm heading off to the wonderful world of shopping to do a "HUGE FAVOR" for my cousin. I have the honor of picking out a pair of earrings for his girlfriend. Poor kid, he's only been dating her for a few weeks, and already has to buy a bday gift. Hmm, maybe I'll buy myself a pair too. Hehe! Tata.

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