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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2005 at 11:05am
Current mood: Scared
Music: Emery- Listening to Freddy Mercury
Subject: So close to goodbye
As in 17 days until Im gone. Dont get me wrong...its exciting but I remember being in 6th grade praying for this moment and now that its here I wish I was in 6th grade. I guess thats the way it goes. I will go with open arms, I'll be ready for new things.

So I am completely broke and it really blows. Even my horoscope is regconizing it. I know I spelled that wrong. Luckily I work a big schedule this week.

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 11-430
Wednesday- 11-430
Thursday- 6-CL
Saturday- 11-230 then Block Party!
Sunday- 430-CL thats about 32 hours. I wish I was still working at Fresnos. I used to work 12 hour saturdays. It made hours come easy. I dont know.

This summer has been pretty eventful. Old Forge, Wapred Tour, Camping with Seans family a lot, Gay Harborfest, Beach with Tasha. Now this weekend is my Blocks Block Party which will be fun. Then I go to Boston with my mom, aunt and uncle for Junior Drum and Bugle Championships. Then college.

I had a fun summer...different but fun.

I gained 12 pounds. Thats far from cool. Im looking forward to being bored in college so I can work out a lot. Maybe eat their healthy food? I remember when I could control what I ate and I worked out. 109 was so much better. I still didnt feel great but I felt better. I hate weight. Way back in the day. A beautiful woman had meat on them. Men thought skinniness was sickly. Now body fat is frowned upon. I just dont like the feeling of it.

Blah. 17 days. Oh whats to come...

Im going to shower now.

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