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phoenixnaito (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2005 at 10:24pm
Spent all day working on my mother's car, cleaning, and tearing at my skin with sharp objects. Oh yeah, so fun. If I am lucky I will die in my sleep...nah, I'd leave behing too many people I love. ^_^

Tony is getting irritable, he wants to come up and see me now, but we still have 5 months to wait. I do not know if I, or he will be able to wait that long, he took a major OD of LSD the other day, had to puke himself unconsious to get it out of his system. Woke up and cut himself! :( He's worried about me because as we all know and don't care I haves evere emotional problems. And I'm worried about him because apparently, he has a severe self-mutilation problem.
I finally finished my little crafty things I've been doing out of boredom.
I've also been killing my knee. I swear I'll have arthritis by the time I'm 20....I won't make it to 20, I'll be shot! (Since the age of 6, I have believed that)

Voila, I'm going to bed.
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