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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2005 at 11:41pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Marc Brossard- Let Me Leave...what a great song!
Subject: Hello Lovely jsut dawned on me i have to go back to Kent in 26 days :( I am VERY SAD
Well I got to see Gavin Degraw in concert at 7 Springs on July 29..he was amzing I mean this man, this very talented and good looking man walked through the crowd as he sang Chemical Party. I was blown away. I like him even more now. There is something about being within 2 inches of someone that you listen to almost everyday or have seen on tv. Its Great! But I had so much fun. I got to spend time with a great friend. Someone that will be one of my best friends for a long time. I am very happy Shane came with me b/c we dont get to see eachother alot and it was just cool to pick back up and discover we still have alot in common, You know there are jsut some people in this world that are on your wavelength. That no matter how much time passes by, there are some people who are just there, and there are many who arent. And I guess friendship is jsut being there with the people that have always been there. Ange aka Big AL and Gina L. came with me too. It was alot of fun, your typical Concert,,,the 5 girls who are drunk off of one beer,,,,yes the scared 1 shared beer " This is going to be a fight" and the Drunk boys not men that were dragged there by thier stupid ass girlfriends and these "men" bitching about how much everything sucked...and me wanting to beat someones ass, Ive never been to a concert were peopel talk while someone is performing... LAME!! well after the concert, the peope with yellow wrist bands were suspose to stay and us with the purple wrist bands were suspose to leave. SHIT~ we stuck around and met Mr. Micheal Tolcher who opened for Gavin. He was Great,,, I am a fan now. and he is a relaly nice guy too bad he is like 31, but what a nice guy, you know he didnt have to talk to us, he didnt have to at all. But he did, it was a great Night. I saw this kid who looked familar I jsut thought I new him from town or something....No he goes to Kent! So later after running into him I am getting some pictures from him b.c iam a dummy and didnt take my camera with me! an ig to Cold ( what a surprise) so i had on my Kent Sweatshirt and in the middle of the concert this girl turns around and asked me if I went to Kent. I said "Yeah" shae said me too...that was the end of the conversation. But how odd, I mean thats like 3 hours away form Ohio,,,What can I say its all about Thoes PA Mountatins!!!
And Holy Crap I jsut saw Gavin Degraw in concert. defitenly in my top 3 (out of 7..i know sad) best concerts I've been to, this was very low key and i didnt loose my voice, but it was good. I am glad I went, the high point of my summer!
ok I've been checking out new music
1) Micheal Tolcher- Becasue I jsut saw him Live and he Coverd the song "Da Butt'''....doin the but/ohh sexy sexy....You better look that up if you dont know!!
2) Citizen Cope- b/c he is damn good
3) Marc Brossard- prob one of the best voice of any singer/songwriter otu there, I dig his Cajun stlye, his funk, his soul, and his Rasspy Voice,,,I have to get his cd
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