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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2005 at 5:14pm
Music: radiohead
Subject: caffine and chewing gum
I know I haven't updated in a while. I've been working at Bed Bath
& Beyond all summer. I never got a second job, although I applied at a few places. My history class at community is going alright, but it will be done in 17 days and I have over 400 pages to read and 180 sentences to write for my journal. Crap.

It seems like I finally have some sweet mulah, but that will be gone shortly. Cell phone bill. Credit Card bill. Back to College stuff. Getting glasses repaired. Digital Camera. I have to take out a loan anyways, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

I'm not sure when I want to go to rome. I was going to go next summer, but now I'm not sure what I want to study. I'm a marketing/international business double major, but lately I've been thinking about pyschology, theater, and urban studies.

I go back to school in three weeks. It's nice not to have homework (with the exception of my history class) but I want to go back. My family is increasingly getting on my nerves.

Lately I've been excessively exhausted, but I'm also a night owl. It's not good because I sleep until the afternoon and then I don't get anything done. Hence the 180 sentences I have to write and 400 pages I need to read.

I went to Canada last week. Had an awesome time. The bars were pretty cool. I'm only disappointed I didn't really get to meet any locals.

I should leave for class now...when all I really want to do is sleep.
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