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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2005 at 10:42am
Current mood: Emotional
Music: at the drive in- invalid litte
Subject: 13 Days 21 Hours 16 Minutes
until I leave for college.

I got my room assignment yesturday. They put me in a triple. That equals 3 of us in one room. Which scares me. But I talked to both of them and I dont think it'll be bad. They are both nice and I think we'll be fine. A triple means a bigger room and more space which is good too. I wish it meant our own bathroom but I dont think I could get that lucky. Well, the three of us are going to try and get together sometime before we leave.

Its going to be a whole new world. I dont think Ill find a new Lauren or a new Lisa. Or a Tasha. No one will be as bruetally fun to make fun of as Lauren. We are always so mean to each other but in such a loving way. I cant run to her crying. I cant rollerblade with her. Nothing. Lisa and I cant make random trips to stupid places. She wont be there to work with or talk about funny Fresnos stories. P-Day with Jenn, Lisa and Lauren is over. No naked snow angels. No refridgerater smoothies. No Fulton Banks and locals. No poisoness lakes. Nothing. Tasha wont be there to bitch with. No beach buddy. Nothing. Then Jay and Allen. Which kills me too. They are honestly the best guys friends ever. No night walks with no purpose. Watching the sunrise at Dunkin Donuts. The Fair. Coke parties and oreos with a bowl of milk. PB& J sandwiches in the Cemetary. Who the hell else is going to do all this stuff with me. Then the Big Dip girls. Im going to miss all of them sooo much. Dancing around the place...singing acting stupid.

Oh man... I hope I find people in school who feel my sense of humor. Haha I'll be an outcast if they dont.

Mmm my daddy. Ill miss him too. No eggs and cheese. No serious talks. But Ill come home and see him.
My mom and her cookies. We fight like crazy but he have our good laughs.

At least beeb is just down the hall. That is amazing.

Well I think tasha might come over for a bit so I have to shower.

13 days 21 hours 1 minute

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