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misskriss516 (profile) wrote,
on 8-5-2005 at 7:43pm
Current mood: energetic
Music: the hum of the ac. absolultely beautiful.
Subject: csi is suPer [yummy!]
--QUiCK UPDATE: I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first? THE BAD--> Britt and I are no longer living in Denny Hall. *TEAR* THE GOOD-->Um, I'm now living in a house w. BRITT, JESS, AND TRIC. Could that be any more fabulous??? Yeah, so I'm super excited & cannot wait for the absolute INSANITY to begin. Countdown TWENTY THREE DAYS, uh oh! What else? I bought Ben's birfday gift. Well, one of them anyways, cuz I'm just sweet like that. I still have to get him his "BIG" gift though. Exciting! Mamma Popson is taking us out to dinner sometime next week since MY KICKER BOYFRIEND has gay FOOOOOOTBALLL camp wayy before his damn birthday even starts!! Boo.. I wont even see him for his 20th bday. Blows, doesn't it?? What else? Work is work. Watched Steve cut little micey's legs today. Quite gross. Blah, I wanted to do it drive in style tonight, but the weather is rainy. Damn. I guess I'll just keep being my dorky self and try to decide which MP3 player I want. Either Mini Ipod, or Dell Pocker DJ. The Ipods are WAYYYYY cuter, but the pocket dj holds wayy more songs. Tough choices, boo. I really should change this layout, kinda bores me these days. Too bad, I'm the lazy ass that I am and just don't feel like doing it right now. Sometime soon, mayybeee.

P.S. I love my aunt cheryl and I'm so jeallllllllllousss because she is going to vacay in PARIS in September. Yup, super jealous. Someday, maybe.

Well, I'm going to surf the web in search of ipod info and possibly ben's birthday gift. And, I need to finish getting things rounded up for a YARD SALE at g-ma WEENEY'S house. Yup, I know how to pull in the BIG MONEY. Hollah, as some retard white boy who thinks he's a HOMEBOY would say. Whoops, did I say that? Um, do I care?

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