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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2005 at 12:38am
Current mood: Everything
Music: Queen of the Damned Sountrack
Subject: Too Much Difference
I'm over it. You see I'm falling in a vast abyss. Driven by memories of the past. At last, I see... I feel it fading, I can't speak it, or else you will take my place. Feel if finding always winding, take my hand now; Be alive! You see I can not be forsaken, because I'm not the only one. We walk amongst you, feeding, raping. Must we hide from everyone?

You think you're smart; you're not. It's plain to see that you want me to fall off. It's killing me! Let's see, you've got the gall, come take it all. The jury is coming. Coming to tear me apart. All this bitching and moaning.. come on, it's on. I'm trapped in this world; lonely and fading, heartbroken, waiting for you to come. We are stuck in this world that's not meant for me, for me. So what you got? One last shot. It seems to me that you're not needed. Come on, it's killing me. Let's see, you've got the gall, come take it all.

I took you home... set you on the glass... I pulled off your wings... and I laughed.

I've slept so long without you, it's tearing me apart to.. how to get this far, playing games with this old heart. I've killed a million pansy souls, but I couldn't kill you. I've slept so long without you. (Touching you makes me die inside) I see hell in your eyes. (Touching you makes me die inside) Taken in by surprise. (Supriiiise) Touching you makes me feel alive. (I see hell in your eyes) Touching you makes me die inside. (Touching you makes me die inside...)

Just some different emotions and thoughts running through my mind that can't be expressed in my own words.
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