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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2005 at 5:33pm
Current mood: aggravated
Subject: [Shit Happens]
Best friends are so over rated sometimes, because most of the time… they end up betraying you a number of times or you get in a fight and you stop talking… and I’m sure there’s a billion other things out there of why ‘best’ friends aren’t friends anymore.

But thankfully, I know who are my friends and who are my best friends and luckily I only I have 2 I have to keep tabs on lol.

I hate it how people think that just because your best friends with someone, means that you talk to them all the time and you hang out all the time, because that’s not true. I have the bestest friend ever- but I hardly ever see her. It just bugs me when people question stuff like that. She happens to be the best person I know, which really also sucks because we don’t really get to hang out a lot. (I miss you like you wouldn’t believe)

But thankfully (also), my other best friend, that I love to pieces and even though sometimes we both want to strangle each other, I do see all the time and hang out with… normally lol. She means the world to me, and I love how honest we are with each other about everything. I think the best thing about our friendship, that I really haven’t seen a lot of with other peoples friendships is that when we fight… 5 seconds later were talking and laughing again. We just yell at each other then, start laughing about it. (except for one fight that I can think of).

I just hope that everyone out there knows who their true friends are. And make sure you keep them, because I know that I’ve had a lot of best friends before in the past that I thought we would still be friends too. So just make sure that you work hard at your friendships… there not something worth throwing away over a fight or something dumb like that.
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