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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2005 at 1:42am
Music: radiohead
i feel kinda lonely, but I guess spending the entire day at home can do that to someone. I could have gone to a party at george's tonight, but I probably would have felt even lonlier there. That, and I had history homework to do. I go back to school in 16 days 12 hours and 16 minutes. I think that will help. I hope. I think I want to minor in theater. I want to do something fun. I miss you, home, sweet, home. I talked to andre tonight for the first time since he left. It sounds like he's doing well down there. I am lacking energy. I will try to go for a run tomorrow. Or a bike ride, but I got history still to do. And I want to make my dad and mom take me and my sister to see Charlie & the choc. factory on IMAX. I am going to read, eat a cookie, and go to bed..unless I find something less worthwhile. I am dyslexic, I swear. And perhaps a bad speller. With a slight degree of ADD. No, not really, but dyslexic, yes. Math = fun. Numbers = hell. Oh what a world we live in.
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