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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2005 at 6:04pm
Current mood: blah
So I ended up NOT being able to even drive to get my lisense. They said because my mom wasn't with me.. Hello- my mom now lives in Flordia. So I'm going on the 11th with the f-ing paper I need notorized. It's bull-shit.

In other good news, I have been getting all kinda cute things for school.. I bought myself a new pair of brown Vans, and some shirts from Delias, one has a cigg. on it crossed out and it says "There are cooler ways to kill yourself" haha, anyways, I have $75 pac bucks to spend at Pac Sun on Aug 14-27 or something, so I still have to get some jeans from there. I have $50 Daisy Dollars from Delias to spend, so I'll def. have fun spending those.

Works been going really good for me lately, Stephanie works with me now- so that's really cool. I like working with her. Cindy and I were talking to and she was like "JEna, you're doing really well, I wouldn't be suprised that if you kept this job that when you became 21 you'd become a shift supervisor then even assistant manager" I was like Whoa, that's cool. It just made me feel good that she said something like that. So I'm happy today.. I just have to get a new computer then I'll be really good. I already have like $1000 saved for one, I'm just looking for one now. A laptop probably.. because theres not a lot of room at my Aunt Loraines. Well.. we'll see how things go!
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