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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2005 at 10:39pm
Current mood: drained
i really suck at writing in this thing...

it's been awhile, and a lot has happened, but it doesn't matter

i got a new job...well, kind of...i work in the floral department now, and i make more money, so im really happy with it

i bought a new car, thats right, no more shit comments about my neon...i really do love that car, and i hope whoever has it next appreciates the fact that it never broke down on for my new car...heck yes

had the most amazing girls night ever a few nights ago....kaylene, kayln and i stayed up until 730 just talking...about everything! it was insane, i couldn't believe that we kept finding new things to talk about...and it was nice to share a few things that ive been trying to keep under wraps...i got to say a lot of things that i thought, especially about people in my past and whatnot...i came to a lot of realizations though...i dont regret anything, and im glad it all happened, i wouldn't change it for the world...i hope you know that

i watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind this morning...such a good movie, i highly recommend it

i go in tomorrow to try on my bridesmaids dress...kind of scary..

school starts soon, im preparing myself for my first good-bye: Doug. He is going to be so incredibly hard to say good-bye to...its gonna suck a lot. Who am i going to play dorky video games with? Honestly...doug just understands sometimes. sad.

I think after doug is sara...thats gonna suck too...damnit, then maybe james...then the motherload leaves...megan, brian, ian, and nelson all at basically the same time...fuck.

I'm not ready to say not ready to not have anyone on a saturday night...sure theres still kaylene, and kayln, and daniel....but its not the same, and i should have been preparing myself for it, and i havent...i like my little bubble, i hate to see that its breaking

speaking of breaking bubbles...heres something that has been bugging me lately...i have never realized how much everyone hates everyone...honestly, i dont know how this group has stayed together so long...i mean, think about it...there are a lot of people that i hang out with on a regular basis that i really dont like half the time, and i know thats the case for a lot of other people too...but i mean, if we dont like each other, then why are we still "friends"?

i need to go read

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