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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2005 at 10:21am
Music: some song by some guy
Subject: end of summa summa summa time
well, it's getting to be the end of summer. i'm sad because it means that i have to go back to class soon, but i'm pumped because it means i get to go back to ann arbor soon! i am soooo sick of living in this house it's not even funny. only about three more weeks of the annoying people.

the only thing i'm worried about when i go back to school is money. since i have to pay my own rent and my parents won't be able to help me out that much, i'm just crossing my fingers that i'll have enough to make rent every month.

i get my wisdom teeth out on friday. i'm kinda freaked out about it. the idea of me being unconscious while some guy takes a knife to my mouth scares me a little bit. plus, the idea of having blood in my mouth all day makes me nauseous.

yesterday was the most disgusting day ever at the kpool. two kids pooped in it, another one was gushing blood into it, and another one threw up in it. it was quite the eventful day. we had to close twice. i've been lifeguarding there like every single day, which is sooooo boring i want to gauge my eyes out. i need to find a better job for next summer. preferrably something that pays me like 50 bucks an hour.

anyways, i can't wait to go back to school. 1313 state street is gonna be awesome! practices will probably suck, but they sucked last year and i didn't die, so i'm not too worried about it. plus, starting this monday i'll be doing doubles six days a week until i leave to go to school, so i should be in at least pretty decent shape when iget back.

hmmm i can't think of anything else to write about, so that's it.
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