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dazed (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2005 at 1:23pm
Everything is opposite of what it was since I wrote last. Jared is now my boyfriend and everything that happened was explained. On the 6th I ended up calling him and telling him that as far as i was concerned nothing had happened between us and stuff. He asked why and I brought up saturday. He understood I guess and wednesday when he came to pick me up for my brother's he had a strawberry banana shake waiting for me. I was trying not to care but it was a little cute. Anyways, things were back the way they were. He was slapping my ass like old times and stuff. Then finally he tells me that sarah and him weren't ever really together. So, he takes me home and then the next day he calls me from work and says he's coming over after work and that john and him are going shopping and I can go too. So I do end up going to Grand RApids with them and when we were in meijer he had his arm around mepretending to be my boyfriend. Also when we were in spencers he had his hand on my back and it was just odd. Friday he told me we could go swimming or something at his parents. We eneded up not seeing each other until Sunday. Saturday I hung out with Parker all day after going to 3 open houses. Jared parker and I ended up going to the movies. Jared asked me thursday if I would like to go with him and see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was a good movies. Monday, I did nothing and tuesday I went to Jared's with Morgan and I met jessica. I know her from school. Wednesday was guys night againa nd then Jared and I planned on hanging out firday and then go camping after good willing. Well, we did go goodwilling and then we went to yesterdog and that was really good. Then we went to get tickets, but we were too lazy to walk all the way into the theatre so we went and rented a movies. Team America and the entire time we were in blockbuster he was holding me and holding my hand and stuff. We watched that and then went to sleep we eneded up having sex on thursday on the park bench and then tuesday on his stairs and friday in his bed. We went to sleep and woke up at 6:40 am because lance called twice. We didn't end up actually getting out of bed until 8 ish though. We called cjohn then and told him that lance told us we would not be able to get in the gates to birthday bash after 10 30 and we got up and tooks howers and left. John calls us back and says that they are letting people in until it's full. So, we end up hanging at my house for a little bit and then go to his parents house and we just hang out there for a while. He showed me his ducati and the horses and we looked through pictures as well. THen, we ended up leaving and picking up food for my brother. We drove to b 93 birthday bash and walked in. Jared and I sat by each other and during holy water he had his arm around me and was holding me. It was cute. We decided to leave early to beat the traffic and try to make it to jessica's open house. We didn't make it so we went and bought our tickets adn then waited for Parker and Don at B-dubs. While we were waiting my brother called and gave me the guilt trip so I began crying and jared had his arm around me and was telling me everything will be alright . So we go to the movie adn sarah was brought up as well as trust and sex. I told jared we'd talk about it later. So , we're in his car on the way home talking about how he didn't know what he was doing and he was really sorry and he tried not to like me because i was leaving and I accepted that because that is wahat we had decided. Then we were laying in bed and started talking about us. We decided that we were in a relationship and all that. So, SUnday I go to church adn Jared tells me to call him when I get back from the BBQ. So, I did and he tells me he'll pick me up on the way home from there. We end up going to subway and then watching the movie what woman want and saving silverman while I applied aloe to his back . He got way fried when he wokred on his sisters house. It was too cute. I'm suppose to go over there tomorrow when morgan's there so I can be called step-mom. That's what Mark (my old AP history intern teacher) and lance call me.
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