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dazed (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2005 at 1:40pm
Since I last wrote, not too much has happened. Nothing horrible at least. The week of June 20th I went to jared's on the twenty - first, third and fourth. I stayed the night friday and then sbabysat and went to church while jared went to his family reunion. I also bought a red 1980 pinto that day and I picked it up sunday after coming home from jared's house. I went to jake's open house and a little after we got back from there jared and my car arrived. I ended up staying the whole evening and we went out for ice cream and he saw that my ex-boyfriend works there. That was a very fun day. I liked spending time with him and my family. The next week I went to jared's a lot and also stayed the night. On the 2nd, I drove him to the fire works in my car and went shopping. Eearly that day we went paintballing and then to his parents house. I only got shot once, in the finger. I don't remember what we did sunday oh yeah, we went to my brothers house and had a fire and bbq. MOnday we went to the cottage and that was fun. This past week I saw jared on tues, weds, thurs and then the whole weekend. It was wonderful. I met jared's sister leslie and her fiance (jared's friend) lee on friday. We had steak that Jared grilled. It was really good. Saturday, i had to babysit and I also went to church while jared helped roof leslies house and then he vistied kelli after she got out of the hospital. Then today we hung out, took morgan to her grandparents and went to see fantastic four. It was pretty good. We ate burger king afterwards and he took me home. I told him not to come in because I was uppose to be in trouble. But it turns out I wasn't. I'm so tired right now though I won't be able to sleep long. I want him next to me . with me holding me touching me. He still hasn't told me he loves me yet. I know he does though. When he holds my hang and squeezes it 3 times he's showing me he does.
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