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Kunta (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2005 at 9:12pm
Current mood: awake
Music: BoW WoW - Let me hold you
Subject: Boredz
Ripping the Dead Flesh off my Shoulders is so ... attractive, don't ya think :)
well my sunburn is leavin, as well as my tan from the beach so Im turning into a white boy again :( I should start tanning daily or something cuz I look sexy as hell with a tann. Ive caught myself looking in the mirror like 5 times and going ... damnz your sexy kid. I miss the beach alot. After not going last summer and going this summer ive realized how much I do like it there. I hate hot weather but its so much fun. Ive thought about moving down there and getting a job in the EMS system. There always busy and never a dull moment, plus I would get to look at the babes during the summers and of course .. the ocean would be at my doorstep. I would eventually buy a boat and live the good life. No one knows what there future holds, maybe I will meet someone and all my plans will be washed down the potty. Ive also though about moving far far away like the other side of the country but that thought soon left my mind cuz I would miss Jeffy way too much :( and some other people ;)

Work today was insane ... 18 calls .... 12 hours of nothing but running around saving lifes ... wtf .. people need to stop dying and getting old .. someone really needs to discover the elixier of eternal life or something !

Think im going to end my night watchin a movie by my lonesome and doing some thinking
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