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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2005 at 11:31am
Music: counting off the crows(and you will know us by the trail of dead)
Subject: super-happy fun times
I'm going to complain, then brag about my weekend. First off, I was THIS close to going to Warped Tour. The only reason I didn't is cuz the rents didn't like my ride. My mom didn't like that I was gonna go with a bunch of boys, and my dad didn't like that the guy driving is only 17(and supposedly not an expirienced enough driver). So then I ended up going to Tally and spending the entire weekend with Mary. that was fun. On saturday night we went to see The Dukes of hazzard. Gooood movie(because imma marry Johnny Knoxville someday). Anyways, it started at 10, and we got there at like 940, so we all chilled, the 3 of us. Then these 3 really hott guys came and sat down, one of em was in front of me. They werent abercrombie hot they suck I hate those dudes. They were like...punk-rock hott. I'd make a guess of 17 or 18. Mmmmm. Whoa, so..then I couldnt put my feet up. Mary started talking to one of them. When they stopped talking, I was like complaining about not being able to put my feet up, so she tapped the guy in front of me's hat, and he didnt turn around, and she kept doing it, then the guy she was talking to like hit him in the face and was like 'they want you' and i was like 'ooh yess we want you'. then the 2 guys and mary kinda started an argument about who's going to move, while i made goo-goo eyes w/the 3rd guy(hahaha). They fininally decided on 'paper scissors rock: if we win we dont move, if you win you dont put your feet up' is what he said. Mary pulled scissors too early and he said they won. but hey, at least we got to play 'paper scissors rock' with 3 hott guys. thats my really long story.
On Sunday we went to see Batman Begins at the IMAX. It was incredible. It was even better than it was at the theatre with reclining chairs, and that place was incredible. lol. After that we went to both Ryan's houses. Broke into the first one and played cards, then legally entered the other one and played foozball(or however you spell it) for a while. The first time playing it. And I lost. Then we made fancy coke mixed drinks/martinis w/lemon, heavy on the salt. It was gross.
oh, also, I stole a street sign. perfect for my collection of stolen property. this post is getting long. bye.
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