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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 7-23-2005 at 10:45am
For once in my life I went out

That's right! I know, I'm shocked too. So it wasn't such a big deal. Just took Nikie and Amber out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was awesome if I must say so myself. Evidently there was some gang rival thing happening outside the theater (because you know gangsters enjoy a trip to the theater too.) I was really freaking out because Amber was running around and I couldn't stop thinking "she's going to get shot" So sad, the adventure in my little week.

I've never been so excited to get back to school...excited to get back to Carrollton (yes, you can understand my personal distress for my mental health.)

My life has become work and sleep. But you people wouldn't believe the drama at work! There's this kid there who's driving me right up the wall. He's 18 and he's been homeschool so he's not ever really been around people. I'm a bit chatty and I'll talk to almost anyone, but I think that my attention towards him gave him another idea. It's like every morning the moment I come in he's right there. "Bekie how are you today? Bekie what did you do last night? Bekie Bekie Bekie" Don't get me wrong, he's a real sweet kid, just annoying as hell. So the other day I was working over and of course he's right there by my side. He asked me what I looked for in a guy,which is something that I don't like to discuss much anyway because the last time I told a guy about that he claimed that a person like that just didn't exist. Well I figured that it was best to just be honest with the kid so he knew just where he stood.

Here we go:
He would have to be a Christian (one point for him)
It would be nice if he were a musican, or an actor or something artistic. (Not this kid)
He would have to like Phantom...of course (he read the middle school)
Would have to enjoy tattoos and such, bonus points if he has them (this kid's dad says he'll kick him outta the house if he ever got a tatto...but he insists that he loves them)
This is not a must at all, because I don't like to judge people on their phisical qualities, but I have a tendency to be more attracted to guys with dark hair (blonde) and light eyes, as in blue or green (brown.)

There's more that I can't recall and I'm aware I'm being much too picky with all of this, but it's honesty. So I figured I got my point across after this, but just to be sure I let him know that he should get so attached to me, because I'll be leaving in a bit and he won't ever see me again. After this he spent a few moments in thought and then comes back with "Well, if we won't ever see each other again, why don't we just go on a casual date?" I didn't answer, but I think my look of "oh hell no" was enough to do the trick. why does this always happen to me??? Oh well, I'm out of there within the next week (oh how I hope) and then it's off for some real summer fun.

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