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Shoe23 (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2005 at 10:50pm
Subject: ...every damn crisis that happens seems to have happened
When my grandmother cries you know things are nothing but wrong. She keeps everyone else's hope up even in the worst of times. Now, she too, is having trouble keeping her head up... from car accidents to crushing family news.. we're all struck down - together. Jacked up karma, shall we say?

. I could take every fucking game you play .
. -and- blow it all away .
. but would you even care .
. I could take all those lies you said to me .
. -that- never go away .
.-that- never disappear .

Damn it - every freaking thing. I'm just frustrated and confused...

I just wish I could do something about everything that's wrong.
. now I see the times they change .
. leaving doesn't seem so strange .
. I am hoping I can find .
. where to leave my hurt behind .
. all this shit I seem to take .
. all -alone- I seem to break .

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