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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2005 at 9:35pm
Music: 93rock online
Subject: updates with no time context

Coming home from the mall with three bags of clothes from really cool sales has some kind of satisfying feeling.

2 hours at the DMV. She's still not ready to drive. Barely 20 hours, no night driving, she just isn't ready. But she can now, legally.

Peter Jennings died. He was...amazing. He had such brilliant common sense and was curious about everyting. People who never watched him won't understand... But he was the one who got me hooked on knowing the news, interested in knowing what was going on in the world.

Re-learned a word: vitriol
vit·ri·ol Audio pronunciation of "vitriol" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vtr-l, -l)
1. See sulfuric acid.
2. Any of various sulfates of metals, such as ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, or copper sulfate.
2. Bitterly abusive feeling or expression.

Krystle got an intersting new feature from her travel...
She's full of life and energy, it was awesome to see her.
Yay for a bracelet of red and blue!

Issues with the church. I dunno.

Amanda left. The firstest. I feel close to spinning off in a rage of insanity. o.0 Just really hard to handle. Things feel like they're unraveling. I know who can help me and give me some stability....but I feel like if I go to them every time I start to feel like this (which has and will be often) they'll be sick of me and then I'll just become a bother until I get shut out completely.

Jen and Andy and Denver have come back. The people online. They've been gone for quite a number of months. I don't rely on them like I used to. But it's nice to have them back.

Jen's return has prompted a restart of our rp. It's been 2 years or so since I've role-played and goodness have I missed it. But boy I'm rusty. Fun though.

Mom really screwed up the muscles in her neck and arm. They've always been messed up but she did some gardening thing and now it's like it's broken, she can't move it or do anything. Causes some problems for me. Like those 2 hours. It's fine....but bleh.

Really starting to freak out about not having classes. I don't know what I should do..set them up, look over all of them, eh.

Gainesville - 25th.
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