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beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2005 at 11:06pm
Current mood: frustrated
Subject: Computer Escapades
Exploratory mission to Best Buy to look at computers was futile. I went to Circuit City to check things out, and found the HP 4150 that was in my price range, the right size, right specs, etc. Went home and talked to the 'rents about my findings.

Went back to Best Buy to see what their price on the 4150 was, and if they had other computers that I liked, but I was pretty set in HP. Found the 4150 and then found out that the 4170 was $50 cheaper after all the rebates and whatnot. Asked if it was in stock, of course it wasn't. So the guy told me there were 2 in transit and that they would be in tomorrow.

Went over with my mom to purchase the 4170. Still wasn't in stock, but the guy said it would be in Tuesday at the latest. So we went ahead and paid for it, got all the antivirus software, the service plan, everything. Waited all weekend for them to call, then decided to take matters into my own hands.

Called Best Buy to try to see if my computer had come in. Their phones were apparently down, so I just drove over there. Talked to Vince, who told me whoever had taken my order screwed up, and hadn't actually ordered the computer. He called up Aventura and had them ship one up on the shuttle, and told me it would be in by friday. I told him I was leaving Monday, so I really needed to have it. He said it would be in before Monday no problem.

Called Best Buy and actually got an answer. The guy checked to see if it had come, and of course, it had not. He said it would definitely, definitely be in tomorrow.

Called with no answer for a while after picking up my dad and brother from their trip to Las Vegas. Went over with my mom at about noon with the intention of causing a scene and/or making a fuss. Talked to Jeul, who said that the computer was definitely on the shuttle, which usually comes in at 10 but was running late. He tried to see if I was interested in getting a comparable computer at the same price, but I was kinda leaning against that. I had taken a long time to choose this computer, and I just wanted what I bought. Jeul gave me his cell phone number and said he would call me within an hour. My mom kind of hinted that I had been to the store a million times before and used the term "compensated for our trouble." Jeul gave us a $25 gift card. Not bad, but still not a laptop.
Did some shopping in the meantime and got home around three. Called Jeul twice with no answer. At five I decided to go back over there. Before I left I found the Sony Vaio and Toshiba models with similar specs to my HP computer that I bought. Jeul told me when I got there that the shuttle had not come and was very interested in exploring other options. Long story short, after looking at a few different computers (they tried to stick me on a 17" HP with a Pentium 4 processor...gross) I ended up with a Sony Vaio. It had less hard drive space (80 GB instead of 100 GB with HP) and had half the RAM. It was, though, $250 more than the HP one. Jeul said that he would upgrade the memory to 1 GB, the same amount that was in the HP. I was a little hesitant to make the switch to Sony, since I didn't really know anything about it. But eventually I decided that having a computer that was comparable to the one I wanted was better than having no computer. I know my roommate has a vaio, and she loves it. So I agreed to get this one, and they reduced the price so it's the same as the one I bought. All in all, it was a pretty good deal. I asked Yuval (Best Buy employee who was in my first grade class at Del Prado) which he would take if the vaio and HP were the same price, and he said hands down the vaio. That made me a little more comfortable. He's been really nice this whole time. So I got the Vaio with upgraded memory and the software installed.
In the middle of checking out I called my brother to tell him what was up, and my dad called me back like 5 minutes later. He was like if I were you I wouldn't touch a vaio. And I was like why not? He said the only reason they're willing to lower the price for you is because they can't give them away. I was just like that's not true at all. They were doing me a huge favor making that computer the same price, and they lost $150 on it. So I was kinda pissed for a while that he would call after I made a decision and tell me what a crappy decision I made. We have been fighting like this whole summer about my computer because he won't let me just make the damn decision. It wouldn't be so bad if he had any idea what he was talking about. I spent like an hour with him telling me the differences between a "laptop" and a "notebook" and how laptops have pentium 4 processors and are cheaper and anything with a centrino processor is a notebook and is more expensive. It's just rediculous, because notebook is just what laptops are called now! It makes me so angry that he just rolls off everything as fact when he has no idea what the hell he's saying, then tries to base MY decisions off of his BS!

Ok, enough random ranting for the night. I'm just frustrated. But I'm happy now that I have a computer and it's working and it's actually in my possession. *sigh*
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