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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2005 at 7:47pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Pricky Ricky
Subject: Wedding Crashers
So today I went and saw wedding crashers again because jeff hadn't seen it yet. Over all he enjoyed it alot and said how funny it was. If you haven't seen the movie yet, let me break it down. Its a typical comedy/love movie. It fools the public into believing that there is true love in the world and that there is someone out there for everyone and all that bullshit. Everyone knows my views on True love so we won't get into that nonsense. The movie starts off very funny, so funny that you want to piss yourself, then moves on to the mushy trash. There is a plus to seeing this movie as a guy you can get some smooth fucking lines out of it and pick up some chicks for a 1 night stand thingie. There is a scene with some titties and to every guy that always gets a smile, so a big thank you from the guys of the world to the director for throwing those lushest tatas in there.

Now if your already in a relationship and you think that your with the person of your fucking dreams then this is also a perfect movie for you to go see. Once your hunny see's this movie I garuntee you will get laid after the show because she will be in tears its so romatic... what nonsense. If something actual happened like this in real life everyone would be living there own fantasy then. When are they going to start making movies based on true life? Observe

Heres Billy and Susan. Billy Loves Susan and Susan Loves Billy, but along comes Jimmy and Susan Sleeps with Jimmy ! oh nos, Billy Finds out and is heartbroken, Susan Doesn't Care and crushes Billy . The End

See no one wants to make a movie about that cuz it happens everyday and people see it everyday. You know what Im talkin about, the topics are endless. They need to make a movie where the bad guys actually win. Blow the world up or whatever. Now that would be a movie

rant off

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