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defiant (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2005 at 1:20am
Subject: The Brawl.
So, the brawl. About 6pm some kids pulled up to Mitch's house looking for a party. We knew one was going on down the street with drugs and booze. Later, they came back after everyone left and as I was leaving. There were 4 in the car and two hanging on the moonroof. Five males and one female.
Mitch told me to get out of my car, so I stopped my engine and stepped out and walked up next to him. Mitch told them to leave and one got off the roof and got up in his face. The guy talked a bunch of shit and ripped Mitch's shirt, then punched him in the face. Mitch swung out and shattered a lawn light in the kids chest. All hell broke loose.
At first all five guys went after Mitch, and I ran forward. One turned around and swung at me, I moved. All of them were drunk as hell, most had beer on their breath and in their hands. Mitch landed a few and took another one in the face.
The one that came after me went to shove me and I grabbed his arm and kicked his feet out from under him. I ran behind their car to get a license plate and got nailed in the chest. I looked over and saw a kid swing at Mitch with a pipe and clip his hand.
Mitch's dad came out and nailed a kid in the back of the head with his copper cored cane. They all got in the car and drove away yelling that they were coming back with guns. Beth called the cops and Mitch ran upstairs and started breaking out a shotgun.
Beth was shaking so hard so she handed me the phone. I told them the vehicle description, and everything. About 6 Kent boys rolled in 3 minutes later. shit still hasn't ended. I'm talking to someone who knows them and they keep calling her and telling her they're heading over there with shotguns and shit. I can't sleep until I know my friend is safe.

I am left with a better impression of Mitch. He never fell once, despite four guys, one with a pipe. I mean wow. Big Bear, he's iron tough mother fucker. My chest hurts, and my backis all sore from the adrenaline tensing me up. I've never felt that much adrenaline before.
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