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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2005 at 9:22pm
Current mood: happy
Music: the last minute of sir psycho sexy, AFTER THE LYRICS STOP! i think thats violin :)
Subject: summer summary
just cuz i havent written anything in here recently. my status. briefly, in random order.

1. got back from hawaii last tuesday, was crying 2 nights before and 2 nights after cuz i knew how much i was gonna miss everyone and everything we did. but it was super (ive used that word too much lately) and it gave me something really good to write for an essay for college. no writers block! one less essay to worry about!

2. ive been so happy lately i feel like ive left my body or something... that makes no sense. but thats exactly how i feel.

3. i DO need to go shopping for clothes, UGHHH it makes me so angry and everything is too expensive or unflattering and i get all lowselfesteemey from it.

4. i love thai tea and i found a good way to make it really dark. and that is to make-like-a-coffee-machine and drip the water through this spoon we have with holes in it with the tea bag on top. unfortunately i used this technique once and 2 days later i couldnt find the spoon. and i keep looking all over the kitchen for it, i have no clue where it could have gone.

5. i drove to downtown sausalito to see hustle and flow with someone who hates rap and wanted to see the movie but knew i was the only one of their friends who would go with them. but my point... i hadnt seen downtown sausalito in at least 10 years, if ever, and i was very confused and unsure of where to go, and then i had to find parking, and it was terrifying. so i basically think i suck at driving anywhere i havent seen. except i was fine in palo alto! ok, so i just hate sausalito.

6. i need to go for a run someday because i got new running shoes with light green on them and i love them and hell i could use exercise too

7. i cant remember the last time i listened to any music that wasnt red hot chili peppers... ok i turned on the radio a few times in my car before i got my mp3 player to play through it. now its all rhcp, all the time. i mean i really liked them before, but i bought their older cds used (really cheap) so now i have everything going back to the year i was born. i sorta started working backwards from right before californication, and now im obsessed with all the old stuff and get all sad thinking i can never hear it live probably. anyways, now i only listen to my 75 song playlist of their stuff. i dont even know what rap songs are out right now, oh speaking of...

8. yes i saw the vma commercial with p diddy in it. i still refuse to watch the vmas because i know it will be lame but i wouldnt mind seeing the commercial for it a couple more times.

9. summer reading. halfway through english, havent done italian, HAVE done kite runner. all i will say is the part with the eye was incredible that made me so happy and did this really REALLY happen? omg and it reminded me of kill bill 2 which i need to see again that was awesome too

10. i only like eyes being taken out when someone really deserves it, i promise.

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