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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2005 at 3:35am
Music: taking back sunday "great romances of the 20th century"
Subject: string theory
I've been reading Discover Magazine, where I have "discovered" that string theory is both beautiful and frightening. The basic premise of string theory says that EVERYTHING in the universe is connected through a pattern of strings. If you've seen the movie I Heart Hucklebees, you should be familiar with the blanket analogy. The idea of this is kind of comforting. If it is true, no one is ever alone. By me typing this, what kind of ripples am i making in string theory? Or what kind of affect is it having on the other dimensions? Yes, scientists believe there could be a possible 9 dimensions. Here's where the scary part comes in. To test their theories, scientists are building a Large Hadron Excellerator in Geneva (or the French-Swiss border). The Excellerator is 17 miles in diameter and it speeds up particles to 99.999% the speed of light. If they can do that, the possibilities of Star Trek must not be far off (granted, I doubt humans will ever reach the speed of light in our lifetime, but certainly in the next 500 years - even half the speed of light would make a difference in galactic space travel). But back to the Excellerator. What scientists will do is take particles, speed them up, and crash them. The result should be super particles, known as sparticles, and possibly very miniture black holes (that's not very comforting - although they say the black holes will be too small to, say, suck up the earth). This has never been achieved before. If you've read Angles & Demons by Tom Brown you should be semi-familiar with this idea. What scares me the most is that scientists are teetering right on the edge of the unkown. True, I believe science is a beneficial thing, but when do we stop? Do we stop? Or do we keep going until we have the answers to absolutely everything, including God? The Excellerator will be turned on sometime in 2007. I hope that it goes off without a hitch, but a pray to God that the men behind it know what they are doing and don't, uh, ...cause the end of the world.
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