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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2005 at 4:32pm
Current mood: bored
Well, how is everybody doing?, thats good to hear. I'm doing pretty good actually. Things aren't the best, but they could be a lot worse. Last weekend I went to Tyler Mull's party. That was quite the blast.....from what i remember. Then Friday night i went with Lee Armstrong, Danny Rector, and Jake Holland to The Grill. That was a lot of fun too. But then we got kicked out because of a fight. But it wasn't our fault, so its all good. Then saturday i went with Lance up to Howard City and went to Amanda's work. It was the first time i saw her in like almost 2 years. She still looks good. Still as pretty as she was last time i saw her. I miss hanging out with her. We talk every now and then, but we never get to hang out and it makes me sad. But hey, what can ya do. I've been working and keeping busy lately also.

I have more to say, but i have to say it later cause i have to go cause i'm at work.

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