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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2005 at 1:41am
Current mood: aggravated
Subject: Sick...
Well I haven't written in here about my political views. If you know me you know where I stand. I will however say I do not support the war or government officials on their decisions to go to war. reasons have been unclear to me and it is very hard for me to follow someone b/c they are in a power position. I feel that we have another Vietnam situation on our hands. Reading today that their is a strong possibility that we will be in Iraq for 4 more years makes me very sad. The one good thing that has come of this lately is that my cousin Quinn is home from Iraq. She went b/c she used the military to help pay for her college.I never asked her if she feels she needed to be there, hopefully i will one day I am just happy she is home b/c I dont think i could of handled her dying there, for a reason unknown to a place that is not fit for anyone to die I still have a cousin there. I am not close with him, but my heart is with every solider who is there willingly or by law. this political issue that iam writing about stems from a coverstation i got into in a friends journal about the war. It seems iam the only liberal who posted and caused a stir, but i will never apologize for being a liberal. I am always strong my beliefs. (if you know me, you know how horrible true that is) Writing about my feelings and what iam thinking about latley with this war, it makes me sad. Not only sad in the way I feel about how our civil liberties, our voices, our thoughts are nothing being counted for. but sad in the way i know too many many people are dying. We are humans for God's sake. No matter what God you worship or Dont Worship we are flesh, blood, souls, hearts. We are all made of the same thing I am not bashing republicans or conservatives. I am strictly speaking my mind on how i feel about this current situation. I believe in freedom, I believe in helping but at what cost. I guess we are just paying with lives. This could stem into how we have people here dying everyday of gun and domestic violence, people starving on our streets, people in Africa dying by the 1,000 everyday. A Continent that has no future in sight. But yet we fight in wars, bloody battles to do what? Help? Defend? Oppress? I don't know. But I do know one thing, This war needs to end b/c we are doing more harm then good at this point. Think iam crazy, Think I dont know what I am talking about, Thinking that we are helping, Think that war is Great, Think That "those" people dont have hearts or families, Think That we are the good guys, Think That there is a heaven, Think That we just have to sit back, Think That there is a hell. Just Think that this will end. Think That We Have No Control, Think Of what it would be is the roles were reversed...they almost are.
Good Night this will be the one and only political post b/c i wont change my mind on one thing i wrote here unless I read it in a history book when iam 90
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