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beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2005 at 2:21am
Current mood: content
This morning Hilary and I both slept in till about 11:30. Makes sense, since we were out late and talked until 3 AM. Ah well, that's college. ^.^ Gabe called me when Hilary and I were contemplating breakfast/lunch, so he drove over to hume, and we all walked to Gator Corner dining. It was good food, but it was $6.90. I don't have a meal plan, so boo. I stole an apple in my purse, which I am currently eating. That means I can save my other three apples that I bought for another time. It's very pragmatic.

When we got back from Gator Corner we hung out in our room for a bit and listened to some music, talked, went online. Gabe was very impressed with my new fuzzy pillow. It's wonderful. Gabe left at about 2:30 to hang out with his friend Alex, and Hilary and I left with her friend Nicole to go to the Harn Art museum to hear this crazy artist talk. His work is a little crazy. It's all circus themed stuff about politics. It's very dark and scary. But Friday he has a show at the University Art Museum that features his FBI files. Apparently he wrote to the FBI for three years, then in 2000 they finally sent him his file, which was 780 pages long. They had been following him for 23 years because he was in this thing called Peace, which was affiliated with the Communist party. He mentioned that he had worked in hollywood for a while in the 50's, and I think he was blacklisted. So cool. But yeah, he found out all these people in his life who had actually been working for the FBI. Students, neighbors, lovers. It was crazy. So we want to go over there Friday and see his show based on that.

After the art museum Will and I did some shopping. We first looked around for a microwave, and on the way I bought a new wallet thing that I've been looking for (that ended up being $13...grr), a shower rod that actually fits the closet opening, a ream (reem?) of paper, and cutips (you forget the randomest things going to college). We finally ended up at Walmart for a second time to buy the microwave. It's decent. After Walmart we went to McAlister's for dinner. Yay for $6 dinner. And for free refills on the sweet tea. Then we went to publix, and I failed my goal of keeping it under $50. It was $52.34. But I bought many groceries for many different meals. I may eat breakfast and dinner. I was excited also to buy lunch meat. It just feels so officially here to have bought food. Feels less temporary. I still have some groceries to buy, like to make real food, but I want to wait until I'm more settled and have an idea of what I want to cook. Right now I'm trying to make it to Wednesday and find where all my classes are. Will is taking me tomorrow to find them. I finally gave in and dropped that education class, Human Growth and Development. I don't know why I was so scared to do it, it's I get paranoid about important things and I was afraid that like I'll want to drop another class and won't be able to, or I would accidentally drop the wrong class, or something dumb would happen. I need to become more sure of myself. On a lighter note, I am pleasantly surprised at my ability to be social. I was a little concerned that I would be too shy, but I say hi to people who leave their doors open and sometimes go sit out in the common area to meet people.

After shopping we went to Will's appt to make his bed and just get some loose ends tied up over there, and also to put away the meat and milk he bought at publix. Then we came over to Hume to unload my stuff and get my groceries put away. I went downstairs to meet some ATL people. Saw Allison, Kristina, Tom, Anderson, and Kyu Lana. They were going bowling, so I only talked to them for a minute, then Will and I left to meet Peter at the movies. We wanted to see 40 Year Old Virgin, but there was an enormous amount of people at the theater and the show sold out 40 minutes before it was starting. Will and Peter wanted to go rent something, but I brought up the option of going to the other theater to see Wedding Crashers. They apparently hadn't thought of that, because it makes too much sense. The other theater was like deserted. We got in and got seats no problem. It was so weird. Anyway, the movie was good. Again.

When I got back I had planned to go to sleep early (note: it is now 3:10) after spending a bit of time on the computer. I left my door open though, and heard a bunch of people outside playing cards. I really love my room location. I'm the first room after the common area. So if I leave my door open while I'm in here doing stuff, if anything interesting is going on out there I can hear it. Earlier this afternoon I went out and watched a bit of Reservoir Dogs with some people. I forget their names. Anyway, I ended up playing cards (mostly Texas Hold 'Em) with...let's see if I can remember: Chris, George, Holly, Melissa?, Jon (no h), Stefan, David, and Dan. Wow, I did really well remembering all their names. I remember what they look like, so I figure if I write their names down I can recognize them in the hall or whatever. They're all on my floor except Holly. We played poker for a good long while, and I held my own. I ended up winning a few pots. It was fun. We got yelled at by our RA for violating quiet hours, but instead of leaving like she told us to we just spent the rest of the time quietly bitching about her. Apparently her boyfriend is really annoying. I dunno, I've seen him around. The point is, we had a good time despite her. I was glad that I skipped out bowling with the ATLers. When 40 Year Old Virgin was sold out I was a little disappointed and thought I had made a bad decision to not go with them, but it turned out really fun.

I think tomorrow I'm going furniture shopping with Will to finish furnishing his bedroom, and trying to figure out my schedule. Other than that, I don't know. At this point, I'm just glad that I have cottage cheese so I'm not hungry in the morning. ^_^
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