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xllfadeawayllx (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2005 at 4:34pm
Current mood: blank
Music: little sister
Subject: hmm..
you know i hate the word how u cant hang out with ppl from work..that is so dumb..i just found out that bc i hang out with ppl from work so much that i will probly not be able to become a shift manager in january (even though it has been planed for like 1 year that i would!!!!!!)..whatever..oh i work at a barista..i love my job but theres to much damn drama..only bc most of the ppl working there are fucking drug addicts (no pee test is they love it)..i just got home from im still thinking about what my manager said to sucks i really want to be a shift..but i dont wanna loose my i have some thinking to do i guess....

...i just started dating my really good friend..we became an iten 2 days ago..and im really happy about it..his name is carlos...i never became friends with someone b4 being with i think that made us stronger (?) who knows i guess we will see...its funny bc i already love him..and he says he loves me..but i hate that word..very much..but i feel okay telling him..i dont think he'ss slam it in my face like my ex's..but once again we'll see... in weight watchers..i have lost 14 lbs. this summer..and im starting to get out of it..i want to use this journal to keep up my weightloss..i know that seems weird but i will do it..I HAVE morbidly obease...and im only fucking 17...sorry but i cant handle it n e suck of accepting myself..i cant n e more..i will do makes me mad just thinking about it...bc i could had done so much more this summer but i didnt..well i guess that its good i did something..even though it was a little..i lossed weight insted of gaining it..but i dont look on the bright side of things so much..

...when Wooho was free i had a NICE journal..i usta be on all the time..but then it cancled my thing..bc i didnt send the $1.00 i regret it now..but im glad to be back..i really am..

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