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polishpimping (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2005 at 5:25pm
Music: check the comments, bishes (same for mood)
Life has been spectacular these past few weeks. Life has somehow managed to go completely beyond my every expectation.

My new apartment rules. I've entertained guests on many occasions, but I look forward to entertaining more.

I've made a ton of new friends. You all may find this hard to believe but I don't approach people well. I can be incredibly outgoing if I'm close friends with 60% of a group. These parties I've been going to these past few weeks this was definitely not the case. But I've come out of my shell so to speak, and it feels great.

As I just mentioned I have been going to a lot of parties recently. These aren't some party I read about on the net, these are personal invites (more often then not from girls :) ). I don't think I've ever been as "popular" as I am now.

I've taken up the guitar again.

I've lost over 10 lbs on the South Beach Diet and I feel like I'm a lot closer to "the stud" I was in high school. And believe me, the ladies notice.

Only two sad notes to report...
TBW is down possibly for good because the idiots that run it can't their shit together.
I think I might have mono- but after the last couple of weeks I should be glad I haven't contracted worse.

Oh and I almost forgot my last bit of good news...

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