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polishpimping (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2005 at 6:41pm
Music: I wanted Mr. Jones but couldn't find it so... (comments, bishes)
Ok. So I have to turn in this paperwork for my apptment. It was actually due last friday but they said it could be a little late.

Anyway, I plan to leave work around 4:10 so I can get there to drop it off before 5. Around 4:05 a cowrker askes me to do a quick job, and I figure I have the time. Long story short I leave at 4:19. After pulling out of the company parking lot a semi truck
1) cuts me off
2) drives 3 miles/hour in a 35
3) causes me to miss my green light so I have to sit at a long red.

(Now would be a good time for me to mention to you that I forgot my paper at home so I have to drive a little out of my way.)

Anyway when the light finaly turns green I start cruzing until I hit Augusta where they are repainting lines. The have me stoped for 12 minutes before they let me by.

(Did I mention that my gas guage doesn't work so I have to get gass every 250-300 miles based on the odometer. and at this point I am at 310, but I don't have time for gas with the construction)

I get to my house to find my mother has burried my papers under a pile of crap on the kitchen table. Meanwhile I am wasting valuable moments.

I get caught behind every person who thinks that speed limits are deadly if surpased by a snails pace. I get to Kalamazoo and the streets are packed. I park at parking services and start running to the bird cage.

Meanwhile I am thinking if I get a ticket for parking there for not doing buisness and I pay the ticket within the 15minutes, shouldn't the ticket not exist because I had buisness at parking services paying it?

Anyway, I get to the doors....



I walk dejectedly back to my car, by gass and stop into 7-11. Jenny is working... She somehow has me smiling withing 30 seconds.

I'll make up for everything latertonight, my "Slurpee Whench"...
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