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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 2-12-2003 at 9:16pm

You're wind! You are a very kind and sympathetic person. Whoever DOESN'T like you has a mental disorder, because you are a loving and caring gentle soul.

What element are you?

Beep! Yay...not. I didnt get to see him after school, I got on the computer for an hour or so, then went to c-groups. Which is always fun, I know that. But I mean...I dont know. I get home and like..I'm too lazy to do my work or study for my tests and quizzes tomorrow, Greg still has a bit of pneumonia, but of course I cant stay home with him, no. It wouldnt be hard to go in Friday morning and just like...make-up the test..and the quiz. Is that so much to ask? I could use a break, I cant last until the weekend, even if it is a 3-day weekend! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE I TELL YOU!!! But yeah, ummm..I'll probably just last minute or something, sound good to you? Yes? Good, because I dont really care. So HA! Oh well..I gotta go. Bye.

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