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paradox (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2005 at 11:17pm
:( Tonight was the last night of blues, it was a blast, finally can windmill to the point where it looks good. We got to battle the circle junkies (A bboy crew from Holland) they're pretty good, but we're better.. *and that's not me being cocky. ;)

I'm really getting hyped up about september 9th. There's a huge bboy battle in Benton Harbor, 3 vs 3 battles and a pop n lock battle. 500 Dollars cash prize for the 3v3 and 100 cash from the poppin battle. WHOO HOO! TEK BABY!

I'm so happy that you come down and support me in what I do. and you're not one of those girlfriends who have to "let" me go, but instead you're there. I can't explain how happy you make me in so many different ways :)

-K. Loye
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