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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2005 at 1:08am
Current mood: curious
Music: too late for music
Subject: Women's BooBies
Ok, I have given this alot of thought and brought the subject up with Jeff tonight to expand on the issue. One night I was bored and started to rub my man boobs, to my surprize, it didn't feel good at all, no sensation what-so-ever. I tickled my nipples alittle and that was alright. My question is, what do women get out of it? I mean you watch all these porn videos with guys going to town on some titties and the woman is all in to it, bullshit, I don't buy it at all, it fucking hurts. Do women have little sensors in there or something that makes it feel good ? Maybe mine are broke ? or are they normal and are girls tits tottaly different from guys tits ? Please, someone explain the logic behind the titty grab and why girls enjoy it, because from my point of view it fucking hurts and theres no sensation whats-so-fucking-ever !

I am being searious by the way, I must Know ...
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