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xllfadeawayllx (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2005 at 11:07am
Music: fat joe-get it popin..hellz yeah!
Subject: wow!

a song that describes u

Created by patheticpoet and taken 2464 times on Bzoink

how many friends u have
what color of nailpoish r u wearing
do u like frogs
what tunes r u listening 2 right now
the last word u said
the song that describes ushe will be loved

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...ok the reason i HAD to post this was because that song was my Ex-boyfriends and I's song!!!!..that is so freeking scary!!..i was with him for a year and half..that is soooo freeky!..n e ways..

..two days ago i went jogging!!!!!!!!..yay..i was so proud of doing so good this week with my weight watchers!!! going to loose alot this week!!!!...

i think im starting to fall seriously for still see him as like my best friend..but were together now..and it feels so good..we'll see..
..i opended at my starbucks again..blah..4am!!!!...well the good thing about it is that i got off at yeah..i hate my manager..shes a fucking pathalongical lier!!!!! and my assistant manager caught her in a lie was awsome!!..we had so much fun!!! have to train like 28937562908736 new ppl..and i cant be patient with them n e more..bnldgjlsdvbskjdvcjsvdchl!!!!!!!!!!! is so beautiful here im so going for a walk later..(lol..mabye)...only if im up for the challenge..

i think ima go take a little soooo tired..night night

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