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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2005 at 10:11pm
Current mood: complacent
Music: give it away
Subject: theres really no picture at the top of my journal, just because i dont know what to put there
well i used my running shoes today for the first time. no foot problems, (i was afraid cuz i shipped my orthotics to indiana and dont want to pay for new ones), but then again i wasnt doing exactly the hardest running either. also, while running, i received a parking ticket for the first time. this was at pheonix lake where you have to buy a pass or a temporary ticket to park, and the first time i left my house i realized the pass wasnt in my car and went back to get it. so i went back and got it, put it on the right side of the dashboard, and finally got to the lake and parked. little did i know when i parked that the parking pass had flown (yes, flown) off of the dashboard on to the passenger seat. and a cop that found an empty dashboard wouldnt dream of looking down into the car... yeah ok thats not their job but the pass WAS visible, just slightly misplaced. oh yeah and i forgot the reason i went for a run in the first place cuz my mom was going psycho and telling me about how hard it would be for me to get into any colleges i liked (which is always a great motivator) and yelling louder than usual AND mumbling angrily too. so i sorta needed to ask her what to do but definitely didnt want to have to talk to her.

well i went to the police station and told an officer what happened, but in the middle of talking, the fact that i am a pussy + my mom's yelling + sad chili peppers that i was listening to because my mom yelled at me, all combined to make me start crying. which would have been excellent if i was in a situation where a cop was being mean to me but this guy was nice and sad "im sorry" and stuff so it was completely unnecessary and lame. anyways he told me they couldnt do anything about at this point, i had to send a letter to the big evil parking headquarters office in san rafael.

and i did that but it seems like they could easily disregard everything i said as bullshit. sounds like my word against theirs. ick.

also today i switched from bssm/mother's milk to by the way after i got mopey. yes, i really get around within the only-red-hot-chili-peppers genre.

uh what else? my day wasnt very fulfilling aka i woke up after 11, watched at least an hour of tv i had taped while eating breakfast and then lunch, and then because i hadnt gotten anything done by 1 (she didnt seem to understand that it wasnt that far into my day) my mom yelled at me until i left the house and ran, then dinner and some of my italian reading which i have JUSSST started. woohoo.
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